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What our Clients and Employees say

This is a small sample of what our clients and employees say about us.

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Una Hartzell-Baird, MPA

Director of Translation | LUNA Language Services

Working with talent724 has allowed us to expand our team with one of the fastest onboarding processes we’ve ever had for a project manager position. In addition to the convenience of pre-screened candidates specifically selected for our team, we benefit from the commitment to professional development talent724 emphasizes for our project manager. Julián has become an essential part of our team so seamlessly. His development with talent724 makes him an excellent asset who eagerly brings ideas to the table, helps other team members, and communicates with clients in the same great, customer-focused way that talent724 does!

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Julian Naranjo


When I started working with Talent724 my career was boosted in many ways. Thanks to the confidence they have put in my skills and the constant opportunities they have given me to grow professionally. In addition, the cultural exchange with my colleagues from other countries has enriched me on a personal level.

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Irene Lee

Multilingual, Technologies Inc.

Staffing Services at Talent724 are excellent and beyond our expectations. The staff are very amicable, active, qualified and responsible, making us to believe when it comes to choose the right person for the right job, Talent724 are real professionals.

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Adriana García


My experience has been great! I was trained by several high-skilled professionals in the translation industry. They taught me technical and soft skills, also gave me the best pieces of advice to perform my job. My Colombian team is qualified and warm-hearted. They also provided me excellent physical resources to accomplish my tasks. I am always in touch with the Colombian team, who always support me, and my direct coworkers from the enterprise I work for. Both are friendly and outstanding. I feel proud and grateful for working with them. I feel this experience has enriched me. My cultural awareness has increased, and my skills have improved.


Talent 724 is built on the competitive advantage grounded in our experience and powered by our vision for flexible solutions to the dynamic needs faced by companies.


Thanks to our connections to world-class institutions and efficient management, we provide exceptional personnel at prices that are typically less than 50% of the cost in the United States. Your investment in the talent you need goes further, providing better value for your human resource dollar.


High-quality talent is at the heart of our advantage. Our dedicated, professional in-country human resources and talent acquisition team optimizes job descriptions and streamlines an effective match-making process, guaranteeing each specialist has the ideal background to meet your needs.


Your multi-faceted business moves fast; our flexible solutions allow you to keep pace. Our partner agreements are tailored to each client from the start, with confidentiality and other specific clauses adapted to meet your specific needs. You can request a change of personnel at any time, for any reason. And if you need to boost your in-house capacity, we provide first-class training in specific areas on request.


Best of all, we’ve made it easy to have access to this exceptional flexibility and value, with one all-inclusive monthly payment—made to a US company in US dollars and no hidden fees. Rest easy knowing we’re handling all employer liabilities: all personnel receive full benefits,f and contracts meet all local regulatory requirements. Get started quickly with straightforward on-boarding, including in-country support.

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